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Facebook provides tools to counter malware

Facebook provides tools to counter malware

While malware is a pretty common thing nowadays, a lot of people still have no clue about it or what they can do to help get rid of it. Well it looks like Facebook is leveraging its popularity to help people with the problem. According to an official announcement by Facebook, the social network is helping out people who think their computers might be affected by malware with the introduction of its Malware Checkpoint for Facebook.

facebook vs malware

Users now have access to McAfee’s Scan and Repair and Microsoft’s Security Essentials in addition to previously provided tools to ensure that they don’t have any harmful software on their computers. While these programs do work, there is no guarantee that they’ll detect and get rid of every single malware on your computer so the best solution to the problem is to just be more careful when you’re downloading files from the internet. Make sure you get files from trusted sites and reputable sources. Hit the source link below for more information.

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